Your Spring Selling Tips: Part 2

Your Spring Selling Tips: Part 2

When preparing your property for sale it’s all about first impressions.

1. The kitchen
A good kitchen can help sell a property. Not only is it an essential part of the house, it can be the most expensive and inconvenient room to refurbish, so its condition will influence the value of your property. If your kitchen is a little dated, you don’t need to replace it, there are a few simple ways to help increase its appeal.

*Change cupboard handles to something more contemporary
*Put appliances out of sight and keep bench space clean and clear
*Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the sinks, stoves and ovens
*Wipe marks from cupboard doors and splashbacks

2. Kids bedrooms
Make it easier on the kids by packing up some of their toys and worldly possessions before you offer the property for sale. It will clear the space and help them to keep their room a little tidier during the sale. And if your children are ‘distinctive’ in their decorating style, you may need to ‘neutralise’ a little to appeal to a broader market. Some key areas to consider:

*Remove posters from walls, doors and windows
*Cover worn or marked carpet with rugs and furniture

3. Master bedroom
The master bedroom is another very important room for purchasers. Make it as inviting and relaxing as possible with candles, beautiful bed linen, cushions and throw rugs. If the room is large enough, include a comfy chair, coffee table and a few magazines and books.

4. Pets and smells
Many buyers do not appreciate pets and by not considering these purchasers, you can unnecessarily limit your market. Here are a few simple steps to consider if you’re a pet owner:

*Take your pets to visit family or friends during inspections
*Move bowls, toys and bedding outside the house and make sure they are always clean
*Air the property for a few hours before inspections
*Pick up any ‘surprises’ in the garden before inspections

Take the time to consider what’s for sale. Now is the time to get really clear on what you will be including in the sale. Many fittings and fixtures can easily be removed without causing damage – such as precious light fittings, curtains to match a bedroom suite, garden pots, birdbaths, etc.

The exclusion of select items from a sale usually won’t impact on the final price achieved when everyone involved is perfectly clear on what to expect BEFORE negotiations commence. So if there is anything you want to make certain moves with you, it must be written into the contract of sale. We will discuss what to include and exclude with you further when we meet.

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Preparing your home for sale doesn’t need to be a headache. We do this every day for our clients and can always recommend the right help for you. At PhilipWebb, it’s not about getting your property sold. It’s about getting it sold for the maximum price possible. As well as making it easy for you. We want you to be thrilled with the result, so our relationship lasts well beyond the initial transaction.