Your Spring Selling Tips: Part 1

Your Spring Selling Tips: Part 1

Spring is here, so if you’re planning on selling your property during this busy time of year, here are some simple planning tips to help you fully reap the rewards.

Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. Even the most astute investor will be encouraged by a well presented property. People are emotional beings and will be stimulated by what they see, feel and hear. If a buyer sees neglect, they will imagine the worst. If they see a well presented property, they may even overlook minor disadvantages. You don’t need to renovate or invest a fortune, just simply make the most of what you already have.

Main turn off for buyers
*Rubbish – inside and out, despite how neatly it may be stacked
*Clutter or oversized furniture
*Animal odours
*Dampness and darkness
*Cigarette or strong food odours
*Doors, windows or gates that stick
*Peeling paint
*Cracked glass
*Stained carpet
*Overgrown gardens and lawns

Preparing your property for sale
When the time comes to sell, one of our trained consultants will help you identify ways to increase the appeal of your property to your likely buyer profile.

1. Make the property feel inviting
Buyers like to imagine they’d enjoy living in a property, so make it easy for them to feel good about your place. Gentle music, a fragrant oil burner and a few scattered cushions can make all the difference on inspection day. The power of emotion is amazing, even with the most astute purchaser. Perhaps even hire some modern furnishings, or whatever suits the style of your property to create that perfect package. And remember to also consider your outdoor areas.

2. Less is more
Clear the clutter. It will make it easier to keep the property tidy for inspections, and rooms will feel more spacious to buyers.

3. Let the sun shine in
Everyone loves sunshine when they are looking to buy, so open up blinds and curtains for inspections – and make sure windows are clean inside and out.

4. Fix outstanding repairs
Especially visible ones. Even the smallest of problems can make buyers wary about less obvious issues. So it’s best to fix what buyers will see and make the property appear well cared for.

5. Clean up lawns and gardens, remove rubbish
This may seem self-explanatory, yet it’s often the garden that is last on the list of things to do. If you’ve spent time and money on your property’s presentation, a small investment in finishing off gardens can be extremely worthwhile. Remember, we live in a beautiful part of Melbourne where the outdoor areas can be just as valuable as indoors for many buyers, so make sure they add to the property’s appeal. Some key points to consider with your outdoor areas.

*Remove children’s bikes and toys where possible
*Make sure bins and composts are out of sight
*Clean outdoor furniture and clear paths of moss and leaf debris

6. Spring gardening tips
Up to 90% of your plants annual growth can occur in spring, so being prepared will help your garden look spectacular by the time winter has passed. Here are some specific areas to focus on:

*Prune shrubs and roses and remove spent flowers from bulbs
*Pull weeds from garden beds and lawns before they have a chance to take hold
*Plant trees, shrubs, hardy annuals and summer blooming bulbs
*Fertilise and mulch garden beds and fruit trees
*Spring is the best time to start a new lawn from seed

For establishing lawns, start mowing more regularly in the spring for a thicker, greener lawn. Start with a fairly long cut and gradually reduce the height until your lawn is looking its best. Remember mowing promotes vigorous growth so mow regularly – just not too short! Spring is also a great time to fertilise lawns, as long as you water them afterwards.