Why Home Orientation Is Important

Why Home Orientation Is Important

Real estate agents will often point out to prospective buyers that certain areas of a property are ‘north facing’ which we all perceive to be a good thing. But how much do you really know about home orientation and how it affects your life?

North or north-east facing – these are considered the most desirable properties because they get the most direct sunlight during the day, especially in winter. This can reduce the need for heating systems, resulting in lower energy bills.

East facing – these homes enjoy full morning sun but that will be over by noon. They can be uncomfortably warm in summer and get little to no heat from the sun in winter.

West facing – this is the least preferable aspect for homes. The afternoon sun can be particularly intense, which can make for a very uncomfortable summer. If the sun is at a low angle, shades and awnings will do little as they are designed to block the sun from above.

South facing – darkness and condensation can be an issue in these properties if not managed carefully.

TIP: If you’re selling your home, make a point to coincide your open for inspections with the time of day your property receives the best light.