Top Tips to Winter-Proof Your Home & Save on Energy Bills

Top Tips to Winter-Proof Your Home & Save on Energy Bills

As the temperatures drop, our energy bills rise as we start turning on heaters and electric blankets to keep warm. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay toasty without dramatically increasing your costs.

Curtains – did you know that up to 40% of the heat escaping your home is purely from not covering your windows? Installing heavy curtains and drapes will help insulate your home.

Let the sun in during the day – ultraviolet radiation from the sun easily transfers through glass. Open your blinds and curtains during the day to let this natural (and free!) heat warm your home.

Rug up – dress appropriately before you crank the heater either by putting on a jumper, or wrapping yourself in a blanket or throw while watching TV. Extra bedding at night is also ideal.

Shut off rooms you’re not using – rooms with low-foot traffic should be closed off as there is little point heating a space you’re not using. These include bathrooms, laundries and spare bedrooms.

Seal cracks and gaps – unsealed cracks can cause heat loss in your home. By sealing gaps in your windows and door frames, you’ll keep out those chilly drafts and retain the warmth – making your home nice and cosy. A cheap option is a door snake which will keep cold air from coming in under your doors.

Service your heater – regularly servicing your heater as per the manufacturer’s instructions will not only keep you and your household safe but will ensure your unit stays energy efficient.