The Benefits of Indoor Plants

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to social media influencers and home renovation programs. Not only are they great for styling, enhancing the overall appearance of a space, but greenery will also boost your health in ways you probably never realised.

Studies have shown that indoor plants…

Clean the air and help us breathe
Humans and plants are a natural pairing. For us, inhaling brings in oxygen while exhaling releases carbon dioxide. But for plants, the opposite is true during photosynthesis; they absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen that we can breathe. They also remove harmful toxins from the air.

Improve health
Indoor plants raise the overall humidity indoors, which means it’s less likely that you’ll have colds, cough and even the flu.

Reduce stress and anxiety
Plants aren’t just pretty, they’ll help you kick back and relax. Caring for them can reduce physiological and psychological stress, promoting comfortable, relaxed and natural feelings.

Increase productivity
Suffering from a mental block or need a creative boost? Working in the presence of plants can improve concentration, memory and productivity as well as the quality of work produced.

Best indoor plant varieties: