Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Ringwood with Andrew Jose

Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Ringwood with Andrew Jose

Ringwood’s come a long way from its Colonialist beginnings. We caught up with PhilipWebb Licensed Estate Agent Andrew Jose to get the low down on the suburb that has it all.

What makes Ringwood a great place to raise a family?
I think it’s the facilities that Ringwood has to offer. There’s Aquanation Leisure Centre which is an indoor swimming facility that’s undergone a $50 million refurbishment. It’s got fantastic primary and secondary schooling options as well as top-class kindergartens and childcare centres. Eastland Shopping Centre is one of the best retail centres in all of Melbourne, Ringwood Train Station is there for an easy commute to the city and EastLink provides access to beachside hotspots. It’s just layer after layer of absolutely fantastic facilities supported by a good public transport network and excellent road infrastructure.

What events are held during the year that are suitable for all ages?
The Ringwood Spiegeltent is a popular attraction which includes comedy shows, music and circus performances, and takes place over two weeks just outside of Eastland. Eastland itself obviously holds a number of retail events throughout the year and draws people to the area.

What would a new home buyer benefit from in this suburb compared to others?
Ringwood is becoming a real major hub. There is approximately $2-3 billion of investment occurring in the triangle of Ringwood bound by Maroondah Highway, the Ringwood Bypass and EastLink. That triangle is becoming a new business and activity centre, so people don’t have to travel or travel far for work or recreation.

Are any future developments in the works that will improve property prices?
Future developments will always make a big difference to the value of surrounding properties. There is a development underway at the moment that we’ve been involved in selling called Ringwood Residences. It’s a ground breaking development – a 15 storey apartment building with the first seven floors taken up by the Holiday Inn. Located on the corner of Maroondah Highway and opposite Ringwood Lake, it has an expected completion date of late 2021. It’s a fantastic development because it’s bringing an international hotel chain to Ringwood.

Where are the best parks and walking/bike tracks?
You can really walk through Ringwood without crossing too many busy roads. The Mullum Mullum Creek Trail is well-known and provides access to many parts of Ringwood. On the northern side, you can use foot bridges to cross the Ringwood Bypass. I’ve sold homes in that area and show buyers how to navigate across the busy bypass without them having set foot on that road. There are some very good tracks for bikes and pedestrians.

And your favourite place for eating out?
Eastland is the place to go without question.