Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Doncaster with Declan Treacey

Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Doncaster with Declan Treacey

In this week’s Sunday Suburb Spotlight, we catch up with Sales Consultant Declan Treacey to talk all things Doncaster, a family-friendly suburb with buzz.

Why do you think Doncaster is the best suburb to live in?
Everything you need is accessible: Westfield Shopping Centre and Aquarena as well as great schools and parks. There’s a lot on offer, particularly for families.

Are there any developments in the works?
Westfield is being renovated and extended again in the near future, and construction of a new Bunnings store on Doncaster Road has started. These kinds of developments attract a lot people to the area for work and/or shopping. There’s clearly demand for greater infrastructure in the suburbs.

What does this suburb have that others don’t?
Because of Doncaster’s elevation, many streets and homes have fantastic views. It’s proximity to the city is also a big plus and it’s very easy to access via the Eastern Freeway.

List four words that best describe this suburb.
Convenience, family, safety and community.

Does this suburb have good public transport?
A fantastic bus network makes up for the fact that there’s no train line and you can get just about anywhere from Doncaster Park+Ride.

Where are the best places to eat out?
Westfield has the best variety. Secret Kitchen is my favourite as they do great Yum Cha.

Why do people want to live here?
Excellent facilities. I think a lot of people that grew up in the area are wanting to come back and raise a family here. They want their kids to have the same upbringing that they did, in large homes on big blocks.