Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

With summer here, you’ll no doubt be spending a considerable amount of time with family and friends both indoors and out. To prepare you for a summer of fun and ease the burden of home maintenance, we’ve put together a handy checklist for keeping your home in shipshape.

Service your cooling system. Consider getting your air conditioning unit serviced. There’s nothing worse than going into the summer months and realising your air conditioning is out of action. If you have ceiling fans, give the blades a good clean/wipe down before use.

Check your BBQ. Cleaning your barbeque grill will prevent bacteria build up and help it work better. Also remember to check the gas bottle and tubing for leaks using the ‘soapy water test’.

Spray for pests. The summer heat brings out a variety of creepy crawlies from spiders to wasps. Consider spraying your home if you wish to keep them out.

Pool maintenance. Your pool probably hasn’t been used since last year. Scrub down fully the walls of the pool as well as topping up the water and adding the necessary chemicals. It will take time, but the benefits of swimming all summer will be worth it.

Plan your watering schedule. Your garden will endure dry days in the months ahead so water thoroughly a couple of times a week. This style of watering will promote healthy growth, ensuring your garden stays lush.