State-Wide Cladding Audit Underway

State-Wide Cladding Audit Underway

The Grenfell Tower fire in the UK and the Lacrosse building fire in Docklands highlighted fire safety risks arising from the use of combustible cladding as external wall covering on high-rise buildings. This has prompted the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to conduct a state-wide audit.

Inspections are currently underway to assess cladding on residential buildings. It should be noted that if a building is found to have cladding, it does not necessarily mean that the building is unsafe.

Following an inspection, a panel of experts will consider key safety elements of the building. The VBA will notify the building managers, building owners or owner’s corporation of the panel’s assessment as soon as possible.

Cladding Safety Victoria – a new body announced by the Victorian Government – will issue grants to fund rectification works on the hundreds of buildings found to have combustible cladding. Buildings considered ‘high-risk’ will be prioritised.

In addition, the Victorian Government will work with other states, territories and the Commonwealth to raise building standards across Australia, following concerns around flammable cladding and structural defects.

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