Spring Selling Tips

Spring Selling Tips

Spring is here, so if you’re planning on selling your property during this busy time of year, here are some simple planning tips to help you fully reap the rewards.

Make the property feel inviting – Buyers like to imagine they’d enjoy living in a property, so make it easy for them to feel good about your place. A fragrant candle and a few scattered cushions can make all the difference on inspection day. Perhaps hire some modern furnishings and remember to also consider your outdoor areas.

Less is more – Clear the clutter. It will make it easier to keep the property tidy for inspections, and rooms will feel more spacious to buyers.

Let there be light – Everyone loves sunshine when they are looking to buy, so open up blinds and curtains for inspections – and make sure windows are clean inside and out.

Fix outstanding repairs – Especially visible ones. Even the smallest of problems can make buyers wary about less obvious issues. So it’s best to fix what buyers will see and make the property appear well cared for.

The kitchen – A good kitchen can help sell a property. If your kitchen is a little dated, you don’t need to replace it. Change cupboard handles to something more contemporary, put appliances out of sight and keep bench space clear, and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the sinks, stoves and ovens.

Pets and smells – Many buyers do not appreciate pets and by not considering these purchasers you can unnecessarily limit your market. Take your pets to visit family or friends during inspections, move bowls, toys and bedding outside, air the property for a few hours before inspections and pick up any ‘surprises’ in the garden.