Show & Tell On Social Media

Show & Tell On Social Media

50% of Australians access social media every day, with Facebook still the predominant platform. In fact, the average Facebooker is at it 8.5 hours a week.

PhilipWebb is active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, providing regular advice videos and market updates as well as highlighting individual properties. And while we take full responsibility for promoting your property, it makes all the sense in the world for vendors to use whatever contacts they have to spread the word. Your contacts reach their contacts reach their contacts and pretty soon you’ve gone viral!

So by all means use social media to tell people you’re on the market. You might even create your property’s own Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus accounts. Share the things you love about your home, your favourite restaurants, where you walk the dog. Regularly updated with beautiful pictures from your phone.

And always direct enquiries to your agent – the last thing you want to do is start talking about terms and prices.

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