Renovating To Sell

Renovating To Sell

There are substantial renovations to be considered where you have to weigh up what will add more value than it costs, and what is simply money down the drain.

Flooring and lighting are areas that quickly label a property fresh and fashionable or drab and dated. Timber floors are always popular but good quality carpet can also create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. And above all we need to change daggy old light fittings and shades for a modern lighting system that creates a bright and contemporary ambience.

Nothing freshens things up like a good paint job, preferably using light, neutral tones that set off the decor.

But the big decisions revolve around the kitchen and bathrooms. No-one wants a tired, old-fashioned kitchen and at the first sign of dark wooden cabinets and peeling laminate countertops they’ll start pencilling in highend makeovers and Gaggenau appliances and carve $50,000 off the price. You don’t have to look like a display home, but you must measure up to comparable homes in your area.

And the bathrooms needn’t be dripping in marble and trendy tapware but they must be functional and spotlessly clean. No cracked tiles, crumbling silicone or blackened exhaust fans.

Fortunately you have a knowledgeable ally in your agent who knows what you’ll be up against and what the most cost effective renovations are likely to be. And will have plenty to say, tactfully one hopes, on decluttering and furniture choices!