PhilipWebb Real Estate – The Best Place To Work

PhilipWebb Real Estate – The Best Place To Work

When it comes to finding a job, apart from the monetary factor, we all want to know that our place of employment is one where we’ll actually enjoy turning up to every day. For some, a great place to work might be somewhere their talents are constantly recognised and awarded, for others it could be flexible work hours to get a job done and opportunities to receive further training, while for others still, it could be all of the mentioned that creates a supportive and enjoyable environment in the workplace.

Global companies, IT firms, accounting powerhouses, and small businesses with a flair for comprehensive and integrated processes have once again peaked at the BRW 50 Best Places To Work in Australia. And PhilipWebb Real Estate is proud to be amongst them!

All 50 companies on the list get voted by their staff, through an anonymous survey completed online. This year, PhilipWebb Real Estate shares the list with the likes of companies such as Google, Coca Cola, Deloitte, plus more – and we are the only real estate agency to make it onto the list! We may not be able to compete in numbers, but we certainly contest in the satisfaction of our entire workforce. While we don’t have Xbox-filled rooms for our Gen Xers to release steam, or gym during work hours, we do provide an integrated and extremely supportive environment with a multitude of opportunities to learn, grow and succeed – some of our employees have been with us for over two decades and they wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If you are considering a challenging and rewarding career, with a company that nurtures and encourages its employees to constantly push the boundaries, then drop into one of our offices today for a chat.

Happy work time friends!