Open House Etiquette for Sellers

Open House Etiquette for Sellers

Open for inspections are one of the most crucial aspects of the selling process. Think of them as a first date with a prospective buyer; you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. This is an opportunity to impress, but there are some important points of etiquette that home sellers should consider.


Clean. On open day, your property should reflect the professional photographs used in your marketing campaign. A thorough rubbing and scrubbing from top to bottom is worth its weight in household cleaners.

Fresh is best. Eliminate pet smells, cigarette smoke and other aromas by opening windows, turning on fans, brewing coffee, baking, adding flowers, candles or incense at least half an hour prior to the inspection.

Accessorise. Adding accessories has the ability to turn a cold or tired room into a warm and inviting space. Simple additions such as throw rugs, cushions, plants and vases can work magic to create a home that draws buyers in and has them wanting to stay.

Minimise personal items on display. You should be staging your home to captivate the interest of the largest amount of buyers. Put personal or sentimental items out of sight, as this will create a neutral atmosphere, where prospective purchasers can envision their own belongings.

Temporarily remove animals. Pets don’t belong at an open house, and they can be a big turn off for those who don’t like animals or have allergies. During an inspection, take them for a walk or arrange for someone to care for them.

Climate control. Always be conscious of the time of day you show your property. Be sure to open windows and doors to create flow if it’s hot, cool down with air conditioning or crank the heater if it’s cold.


Stay during an open for inspection or send in spies. Hovering in the background can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable. It can also come across as desperate.

Hassle the agent. Let the agent do their job. They are experts in their field and know how to negotiate with potential purchasers.