Must-Have Home Features for Downsizers

Must-Have Home Features for Downsizers

People downsize to smaller homes for a number of reasons. Perhaps the kids have left the nest or maybe you’re sick of maintaining a yard and paying expensive utility bills. Whatever the reason, we know that moving to a smaller home has countless benefits.

If you’re thinking of downsizing, here are some must-have home features to consider…

A practical floorplan
As we get older, we’re more prone to arthritis and other conditions that make stairs a big no-no. This is why for most downsizers, single-level living is at the top of their list. Having all necessary rooms on one level will be more convenient and accessible for you and those you live with. It’s also much easier to manage and clean. If you do opt for double-storey, make sure the master bedroom is on the ground floor.

Low maintenance garden
Moving to a smaller home almost always means a smaller backyard – like a courtyard or balcony where you can keep a few easy-care plants. Having a more compact garden will allow you to actually enjoy gardening, rather than tiring yourself out trying to maintain it.

Clever storage
Storage space is especially important when downsizing from a larger home. There will be a lot of things that you can’t – or don’t want to – get rid of. A double garage is ideal, so you can securely park two cars or have extra space for your things.

Space to entertain
Think about your entertaining habits. A smaller home or apartment often doesn’t come with a living room large enough for entertaining. If hosting friends and family is important to you, consider a property with a spacious lounge, outdoor area or communal facilities.

Location, location, location
Wherever you choose to move to, where your loved ones are located should be a factor in your decision. While it can be nice to have some space, knowing that family and friends are close by will give you reassurance. Make sure the home you’re looking for is also located near essential amenities like shopping centres, medical facilities and public transport.

What types of properties are suitable for downsizers?
• An apartment, either on the ground floor or in a complex with a lift
• Villa unit
• Townhouse, single-level or double-storey with minimal stairs
• Retirement village or over 55’s community

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