Let’s Go Outside

Let’s Go Outside

After a summer’s vigorous growth, it is a good idea to give your shrubs a light prune in the Autumn to keep them in shape. Once deciduous shrubs lose their leaves, it is easy to see the plants’ overall shape and decide what needs to be cut back.

What to do…

*Trim smaller branches with secateurs… Start by cutting off small branches near the base of the tree. You can also use the secateurs for low hanging small branches.

*Cut medium branches with your handsaw… Cut any protruding or lower level branches too big for the secateurs. Cut the branch off close to the tree trunk and avoid cutting the main trunk. Cut the branch on an angle that protrudes slightly off the trunk.

*Prune hard to reach branches… Use an extendable pole pruner to cut hard to reach branches. For thicker branches, you can purchase attachments for the pole pruner, including a saw, to cut higher in the tree.