Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Street Appeal

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Street Appeal

You could have the biggest, trendiest house on the block, but if it doesn’t look appealing at first glance, most people will simply pass over it and find something else. Street appeal is what first catches the eye of a buyer. If the home looks run down on the outside, buyers will assume that it’s also run down on the inside. If it looks appealing on the outside, attracted buyers will naturally want to get a glimpse inside. Learning how you can improve your home’s street appeal is essential for any home to sell fast in today’s competitive real estate market.

We have compiled a list of inexpensive tips to boost your street appeal that may just end up paying you huge dividends!

Create a welcoming entrance path

If you want to improve your home’s street appeal, make sure it has an appealing, well-defined entrance path. A good front path will entice people in rather than stop them in their tracks. Incorporate visual cues such as outdoor lighting, paving stones, and well-positioned plants that line a clear path through the front yard to your doorstep. It tells the world that you care about your home, and it sets the tone for what you’re offering inside.

Build a nice fence

Sometimes the best way to add appeal to an otherwise plain front yard is to add a great-looking fence. Whether it’s a character picket fence or a premium brick wall, they are a classic addition that create an air of security and homeliness. A low fence around your property is also a great choice because it adds a pleasing boundary between the hectic street and your private space. It even increases the perception of depth, thus making your front yard seem larger!

Show off with big, bold house numbers

Modern houses are usually built with clean lines and bold angles. Those same elements should be reflected in the house numbers to complement your new home. The clean and straight lines of a sans serif font are best for modern houses and their simplicity is a nice fit for the elegant minimalism that modern homes exude.

If your home is more traditional, a serif font may be the ideal choice for your house numbers. Serif fonts are more ornamental, and their defining features are decorative tails and strokes. We often see them in newspapers and books. Serif fonts say traditional, established and refined, and may be the perfect match for your character/classic home.

Besides font, you may also want to consider the aesthetic of the material. For example, aged copper house numbers may perfectly complement the rustic style of your home.

Clean your windows

Don’t let dirt and debris dull the shine of your home. Dirty windows will turn off potential buyers because they make your house look sad and unhomely. Make sure you clean your windows regularly inside and out. Clean windows are a must for showing your house in its best light.

Update your front door and doormat

The front door is one of the first things people will notice when they approach your home, so take advantage of that fact and make sure it’s clean and inviting. A fresh coat of paint (perhaps in a new colour) on your door is an easy way to enhance the exterior appearance of your house. You might also consider a new door handle, knocker or even doorbell.

And don’t forget your doormat! Nothing says welcome like a fresh, new doormat—plus they give guests an opportunity to wipe their feet on rainy days. It adds just a touch more personality and flair to the front of your house.