How to Stay Fit at Home

How to Stay Fit at Home

Maintaining fitness at home has become the new normal as we keep our distance to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But you don’t need a gym or expensive equipment to get your recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise. Here are just some of the ways you can still be active while maintaining physical distance.

Virtual Classes
On YouTube there are countless free exercise videos to try regardless of your fitness level or age, including Zumba and Yoga. Alternatively, some fitness experts and gyms are live-streaming their workouts for a fee.

If you prefer to freestyle, get creative and work with what you have. Instead of using weights or dumbbells, substitute with items from around your home eg: water bottles, bags of flour or cans of food. Stairs are ideal for running up and down while kitchen chairs are great for barre.

Get out & about
Going out for a walk, run or bike ride in your local area is the perfect way to maintain a healthy level of fitness. Personal training, tennis and golf are some alternative activities and sports now permitted, subject to social distancing rules.

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