How To Save Money On Tradies

How To Save Money On Tradies

Good tradespeople are worth their weight in gold. When renovating an expert tradie can truly make all the difference in coming in or above budget. For tradies, time is money and if you’re not working on a fixed price quote, then every hour trades spend on site, you’re being charged. Below are four tips you can use to help save time for your tradies and in turn save money. While they may seem small, over a large job these little things really add up.

Avoid the set up and pack up
When tradespeople start and finish work there’s a substantial amount of setting up and packing up that needs to get done. In some cases, if the worksite is not deemed secure, tradies will have to unpack their tools from their truck daily. One great way to save on this one-hour task is to provide your tradespeople with a locked space on site that they can securely store their tools in. This could be an unused room, lawn locker or garage. Give them a key so that they know their tools are safe when they are off site.

Clean the site
A dirty site slows work down. It also costs money. Paying your tradie to clean is hardly where you want to be investing your budget. Pitch in and get active. Simply picking up rubbish and sweeping every few days can make a world of difference to the pace of work, efficiency and safety.

Be the site PA
The more time your tradies spend on the phone, the less time they are on the tools. So let your tradie know you are able to do some of the legwork for them, for example pick up supplies, arrange deliveries or check stock availability. There are obviously many things your tradies won’t be able to delegate to you, but you’ll be amazed how many little jobs you can take off their hands (and how grateful they often are).

Get dirty
There are a lot of jobs during a home improvement project that can be done by even the most unskilled renovator, like digging holes and moving dirt. So role up those sleeves and give it a go. Obviously it’s essential to listen to your tradies and work within the workplace health and safety boundaries (which they will be able to guide you on), but in most cases you will find your team will welcome the extra help.