How To Present Your Property For Sale

How To Present Your Property For Sale

The following report has been developed to help vendors/homeowners selling their home, to understand the motivation behind the choices prospective buyers make when buying a property. With this information, homeowners can make informed decisions about what is going to help them achieve the maximum price for their property.

*Give the outside of your home a quick clean. Concentrate on getting rid of accumulated surface-dust and grime, all it may take is a good soapy wash and hosing down
*Freshly paint anything that needs painting: especially doors, window frames, drainpipes and gutters
*If nothing else, repaint the front door and, if needed, replace/repaint the letterbox
*Replace worn or wonky doorknobs, rotting timber, loose steps and wobbly decking
*Clean the windows and frames. Gleaming windows are inviting and show your house is loved and well cared for

Begin improving your front garden the moment you decide to put your home on the market. This is where potential buyers first see your property and sum up your home’s personality. Your front garden should look well maintained so it’s never too late to start the makeover.
*Prune back untidy creepers
*Rake up leaves and other garden debris
*Keep the lawn neatly mown
*If the grass needs greening up, apply lawn fertiliser
*Don’t forget to have the back garden or yard looking well-groomed and tidy too
*Check between paving stones or brickwork for weeds and grass
*Put rubbish and garden tools out of sight
*Roll up the hose and put it away
*While children’s swings and sand pits create a warm family feel, don’t forget to put those loose toys out of sight
*We can recommend reputable Gardeners/Landscapers if you require these services

A swimming pool is a superb attraction to buyers looking for a home with entertainment and recreational facilities.
*The water is crystal clean
*Clear of leaves, top and bottom
*Clean the tiles around the edges
*Store away pool equipment like Creepy Crawlies, hoses and pool covers
*Deck chairs and covers should be displayed to present an attractive environment

Your home is the most valuable asset you will ever own. Getting your home ready for sale may be hard work and may cost you a few extra dollars, but it will be worthwhile.

It is recommended that prior to advertising a property for sale the property’s carpet be professionally cleaned. We can recommend reputable carpet cleaners if you would like to organise your carpets to be cleaned.

It is very important when selling a property that the cleanliness of the property is at a very high standard. If a property is not presented in the best possible condition then this may affect the sale price achieved. If you do not have time to clean the property please let us know so we can organise a cleaning quote for you.

When it comes to presenting your home to sell, less is definitely best. Removing clutter creates a more spacious feel to a home and allows buyers to imagine their belongings in the property instead of being distracted by yours. The fastest way to de-clutter your home is to start packing! This also makes it a lot easier when it’s time to move. Just make sure you work from room to room and label each box to make finding things after the move an easier task. If you are considering using a storage facility, please contact us as we may be able to get a good deal for you.

Cleaning from top to bottom can make your home appear years younger and is not only the most affordable start you can make to present your home to sell, it’s also arguably the most important one. Buyers tend to associate a clean home with a well-kept home, immediately allowing them to relax a little and concentrate on what they do like about your home and less worried about how badly the home has been maintained.

Painting is the best way to give your tired decor a lift, but definitely keep it neutral. It’s important to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve and whilst you might personally love being creative with colour it’s important to focus on attracting the broadest range of buyers. This doesn’t mean your decor has to be dull, just add colour through accessories. That way the buyers don’t have to worry that their belongings are going to clash with your decor choices, since you’ll be taking them with you when you go. Do keep it simple just the same, if you go overboard you take the same risk of being too distracting and not allowing the buyer to imagine themselves living in the space.

If it’s not in perfect condition, repair or replace it. Having everything in ship shape working order re-assures the buyer that the home has been well maintained and of course has the opposite effect if it’s not. Don’t jeopardise the sale of your home by leaving simple maintenance issues left undone. An example of this would be damaged or old fly wire screens, which may seem insignificant but will actually make a difference.

Adding accessories has the ability to turn a cold or tired room into a warm and inviting space. Simple additions such as throw rugs, cushions, candles, vases and artwork can work magic to create a home that draws buyers in and has them wanting to stay. These additions don’t have to be expensive and when combined with all of the above-mentioned steps can have an enormous influence over the buyer’s perceived value of the property.

Ensure there’s plenty of natural light where possible, keep internal doors open and add a mirror here or there to create an increased sense of space and lend an airy bright feel to a room. Positioning a mirror to reflect an attractive focal point or beautiful outdoor view also works like magic.

Pets, cigarette smoke and even spicy food can create odours that many buyers will find offensive. Open windows, turn on fans to circulate the air, brew coffee, add flowers, lightly scented candles or incense, just be sure to keep it subtle. Fresh is always best! For best results, it’s well worth keeping pets away during inspections.

Always be conscious of the time of day you show your property if there is a problem with particularly hot or cold areas in your home. Be sure to open windows and doors to create flow through if it’s hot, cool down with air conditioning prior to showing or stoke the fire/heater if it’s cold. Always be sure to display your home in its best possible light. Don’t show your home at dusk if mosquitoes can be a problem at this time or during peak hour if you live on a busy road.

If you’re thinking of selling or require some additional advice on how to present your property for sale, call us today on 9842 1477.