How to Prepare Your Home For Rent During Lockdown

How to Prepare Your Home For Rent During Lockdown

Melbourne’s lockdown presents a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of more time spent at home to prepare your investment property for rent. While restrictions are having an impact on our leasing processes, following these simple steps will help get your property leased quickly and to a high quality tenant.

1. Request a virtual appraisal
The first step is determining the rental return your property could achieve in the current market. Request an appraisal from your local PhilipWebb agent by visiting or calling (03) 9874 3355. We will email you a comprehensive report with a rental estimate based on comparable properties and current market conditions.

2. Paperwork
Your agent will discuss with you everything from management fees to the most appropriate marketing strategy for your property. All paperwork and contract signing can be done remotely/electronically.

3. Insurance
Landlords should consider taking out Landlord Insurance. This will cover you against things like damage to the property caused by tenants. Compare providers online or talk to one of our rental specialists for advice.

4. Consider areas for improvement
Start thinking about areas around your property that can be improved or updated. Other things to consider include deep cleaning, gardening, home maintenance and anything in need of repair. Once restrictions ease, you’ll have a clear plan in place to get these jobs done and have your property ready for professional photography and open for inspections as soon as possible.

5. Be ready to adapt and take advice as things change
The COVID-19 climate is unpredictable and things can change at a moment’s notice. Be prepared mentally and emotionally, and remember that your agent is there to help and will advise on the best strategy to achieve your desired result.

If you’re thinking of leasing your investment property, speak to one of our rental specialists today on (03) 9874 3355.