How to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Eager to take advantage of the beautiful weather, spring is the season most sellers put their houses on the market. And with spring right around the corner, there is no time like the present to get your house in order. By starting early and preparing your home before winter ends, you can start the spring season on a positive note and immediately start attracting buyers!

Spring clean

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a bit of spring cleaning after a long winter inside. Whether you have a whole weekend or just a spare moment, here’s some simple tips to start freshening up your home.


Use a bi-carb or vinegar solution to clear away grime from your cooktop and oven. Wipe out your microwave and tend to your fridge, this means pulling out and handwashing all the interior shelves and drawers.


Your ceiling fans and light fittings will have collected a considerable amount of dust over the course of winter. Use an extendable duster to get to those hard to reach places. While you’re there, give your curtains and blinds a good wipe down or vacuum.


Go through your winter clothes and shoes. Clean and/or repair anything before putting into storage until next year and donate any unwanted (but good condition) items to charity.


A good window cleaner will bring back the sparkle inside and out. Mow lawns and hose/brush down outdoor furniture and door mats.

Declutter and depersonalise

When people are looking to purchase a potential property, they want to imagine how it will look with their personal touches, so having too much of your own items lying around can ruin this image.

Sell, donate, or throw away anything you’re not using and remove as many personal effects from your property as possible. This allows potential buyers to imagine the house as theirs and provides a blank canvas to suit their personal taste.

Remember, you’re staging your home to appeal to the largest audience of buyers possible, so try and be objective about what you’re removing. Your family photos, souvenirs and accolades may be special to you, but a potential buyer will just see clutter.

Fix anything broken

It’s easy to overlook the tiniest flaws in your home, but potential buyers are not as forgiving. Flaws like a creaky window or loose doorknob can cause prospective buyers to question the overall condition of your home and reduce your chances of landing a successful sale.

Increase street appeal

A lot of homebuyers will drive past your front door before they decide to come inside. It’s important to have the kind of street appeal that makes it irresistible to stop and take a closer look.

To achieve this, you want your home’s façade looking its best. And it’s as easy as giving it a fresh paintjob and a thorough clean. You might even want to consider hiring a soft wash professional to clean areas like your roof, garden pathways and driveway – they use special low-pressure nozzles and a biodegradable chemical that removes mould, algae, moss, dirt and other stains without damaging your home’s surfaces or killing your plants.


So there you have it: the tools and tricks to get your home in tip-top shape for a spring sale. If you are looking for further advice on getting your house auction-ready, reach out to us for a copy of our handy brochure ‘Tips for presenting your property for sale’ to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.