How to Organise Your Home Before Christmas

How to Organise Your Home Before Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner (11 days to be exact!). And while we love getting ready for the festive season, it can be overwhelming and feel like a never-ending list of things to do, people to meet and places to be. But fear not! You can simplify your Christmas with our easy ways to prep.

Make a plan
Planning will help reduce any stress, and lists are the perfect place to start. Write it down or use an app to record your lists. Gifts and groceries are obvious choices but consider home maintenance tasks, your event calendar and who you need to connect with over the holiday season.

Before you bring more things into your home, take out the clutter you don’t need. Start small. The act of sorting even one area free from clutter can help the physical and mental cloud to get the ball rolling. Aim to sort items you wish to keep into a permanent home, behind closed doors and drawers, rather than leaving out on surfaces and shelves. You can read more tips for decluttering here.

Prepare your supplies
Before spending money on décor, gifts, wrapping and other essentials, take stock of your current inventory. This is a great opportunity to discard broken items or anything past it’s prime, whilst setting aside things you know you’ll want to use. If you’re hosting a soiree over the Christmas period, give tablecloths a good iron and polish your cutlery.

Clear that spare room you need for guests
Relatives coming for Christmas? Get cracking on preparing their accommodation by tidying surfaces, making room in closets and applying fresh bed linen.

Give the garden a once over
As Christmas falls in summer, you can expect to do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Give your front and back gardens the once over, so they’re in tip-top shape for guests. Mow lawns, prune trees, brush off the doormat, sweep away cobwebs and give your outdoor furniture a good clean.

Keep it simple
Before you start decorating your home, consider that less is more. Minimalism is on-trend! Plus, the process of setting up and taking down will be so much easier.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!