How To Make Your Home Autumn-Ready

How To Make Your Home Autumn-Ready

The days are growing shorter and temperatures are starting to dip. The signs of Autumn are in the air! As the weather changes, it’s imperative to take advantage of the final moments of summer and make the necessary transitions. With these tips, you‘ll be able enjoy a safe, warm and cosy home by the time Autumn is in full swing.

Clean out your gutters

When autumn hits, you want to make sure that your gutters are clean. It’s never a bad time to sweep them, but compared to the mellow spring and summer, your home is more vulnerable during autumn. As the leaves start to fall off trees and bushes, they can easily clog up gutters, leading to flooding and damage to property.

Make sure to check your gutters for fallen leaves, twigs, or branches and clean them out in advance. Pull out your ladder and begin with the most easily accessible areas. For the harder to reach areas where you don’t feel safe, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional to do the job.

You may also want to consider installing mesh guards—they are a cost-effective method to keep leaves and debris out, will reduce cleaning time dramatically, ultimately saving money, time, and potential injury.

Inspect your trees

Keep an eye out for any branches that are damaged, look frail, weak, or dry. Especially in autumn, branches with these characteristics may break at a moment’s notice and cause damage to your property. Some of them are easy enough to identify and trim yourself, but hiring an arborist for a professional inspection may be necessary— especially for trees that are close to power lines.

Fertilise your lawn

When you prepare your lawn for autumn and winter, there’s a higher chance it will look great in the spring and summer. Your lawn takes a beating this time of year, so before autumn starts, mulch or fertilize it. A rich environment for microorganisms in your soil will result in a lawn that remains rich, thick, and green all year round.

Insulate your home

As the temperature starts to drop, your home’s heating system is working day and night to keep you cosy. But if your home is not well sealed—if there are gaps around windows and doors—this makes your heating system work much harder than it needs to.

Weather stripping is a quick, cost-effective way to fix this problem. It’s relatively simple to DIY, and you can easily pick it up from a quick visit to your local Bunnings.

Do a fire-safety check

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home to a warm, cozy house on a chilly Autumn evening. Many choose to light autumn scented candles or start up their fireplace. Whichever you prefer, make sure your smoke alarms are all in working order. The expiry date on your fire extinguisher should be regularly checked and the contents should be replaced if necessary.  Finally, we recommend having a fire blanket handy in case there is a fire that needs to be extinguished quickly and easily.