How to Keep Your Kids Entertained & Learning in Iso

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained & Learning in Iso

With social distancing and self-isolation the new normal, it’s becoming harder for parents to find ways to keep their kids entertained and learning independently while working from home.

Need to keep your kids busy? We’ve put together a list of 10 online kid-friendly educational activities and resources with WOW factor!

Parental guidance is recommended.

Scienceworks’ doors may be closed, but there’s plenty of online science and space content to enjoy from your own couch. Explore their range of family-friendly activities inspired by items in their collections and exhibitions.

National Geographic
Nat Geo Kids is perfect for children who want to learn all about the world around them. Find amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more.

The British Museum
Explore the British Museum’s world-famous collections including treasures from Ancient Egypt and Greece.

NASA’s Climate Kids website tells the story of our changing planet through the eyes of the NASA missions studying Earth. Designed for upper-primary-aged children, the site is full of games, activities and articles that make climate science accessible and engaging.

Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Zoo has reopened to the public, but they’ve also set up live stream cameras, so you can enjoy the zoo and all its furry residents from the comfort of your own home 24/7.

ABC Kids Radio
ABC Kids is a dedicated radio station and on demand app for kids and their grown-ups. The service provides children with music for dancing, stories for relaxing and soothing soundtracks for sleeping. There’s also a range of podcasts to stimulate curiosity, fire imaginations and foster good listening.

Nomster Chef
Nomster Chef is about raising a healthier and happier generation of kids by teaching them how to cook. Their illustrated recipes are designed to help kids aged 2-12.

Access Mars
Explore the surface of Mars recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids
Cosmic Kids Yoga! is a YouTube channel designed specifically for kids aged 3+ and is used by schools globally to teach Yoga, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Storyline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors and personalities reading children’s books.