How To Feng Shui Your Home

How To Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui evokes the centuries-old philosophy of making adjustments to space to create balance and flow. This energy is called Chi or Qi. By creating improvements in the flow of Chi in your home, you create positive changes in your life.

Feng Shui literally translates to wind water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good Feng Shui came to mean good fortune.

It’s important to note that it is not just the Chinese who care about Feng Shui. In recent years, people of all backgrounds have started to show interest in the practice, wanting to know how to make their environment work for them and enhance their opportunities.

Here are 10 Feng Shui quick fixes for creating an inspiring, safe and inviting home that will usher in positive opportunities, wealth, health and abundance.

1. Make Your Entry Entrancing
According to Feng Shui the entryway is the most important area of your house as it is considered the mouth of Chi where all your opportunities come in. Make it inspiring by adding a fresh doormat, painting the door, cleaning away the cobwebs and placing plants or flowers in attractive planters on both sides of the front door as a welcoming threshold. Clear away dead plants, vines, shrubs and branches that block the main pathway so you have a clear route to the front door.

2. Clear the Clutter
Feng Shui dictates that we are energetically connected to everything we own. Having an overwhelming amount of items to deal with sucks our energy and brings us down. Learn to downsize, buy less and become more conscious of the foot print you are leaving on the earth. Less is best so start packing, room by room. Get rid of anything you don’t use and pay special attention to the kitchen, closets and garage. Remove extra table top decorations and put away appliances such as toasters and blenders as it is important that all horizontal surfaces have a spacious feel to them.

3. Bring in Nature
Nature realigns our energy field and makes us feel whole. Therefore it would make sense that our homes will make us truly feel at home when we bring nature in. Invest in landscaping as it will increase the value of your property and attract better energy to your home. Inside, open the windows often, introduce plants or fresh cut flowers, use an air purifier and allow as much natural light in as possible.

4. Replace or Fix
Care for your home the way you care for yourself. Our homes are a metaphor for our lives and will always reflect how in and out of balance we are. Replace or fix anything that is broken, cracked, moulding, rotting or in any kind of disrepair including squeaky doors and peeling paintwork. Also give your home a complete clean inside and out. Steam clean your carpets, wipe out the cupboards and wash the windows. Mould is also toxic and needs to be addressed immediately.

5. Move Furniture Blocking Chi
Rearrange furniture to help Chi move freely around your house. Visualise the Chi energy as water entering your home and attempting to flow from room to room. Move the furniture out of natural pathways, don’t overcrowd rooms and make sure you leave enough space between pieces of furniture so the energy can move about.

6. Move Desks to an Empowering Position
One of the best ways to improve your work and wealth is to move your desk to the command position of the room. You’ll never feel truly comfortable if you can’t see what is going on, therefore the command position is facing the door that opens into the room. Also ensure that there is a solid wall behind the desk and not a window.

7. Use Mirrors Wisely
The right placement of mirrors can bring positive Chi into areas of your home. It is believed that if it is done correctly it will increase your wealth, health and happiness. If done incorrectly, it can do a lot of harm. Don’t set mirrors opposite doors or other mirrors, and in bedrooms ensure that there are none facing your bed or placed above it. Stick to the living and dining areas. The dining table is a symbol of a family’s abundance as meals are served there to nourish and support the family. A mirror that reflects the table will double the abundance.

8. Just Add Water
Fountains or water features are popular in Feng Shui because they bring the energy of the water element, and water is an ancient Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. Place them in the best areas of your home, inside or outside. Your fountain doesn’t have to be oriental, it can be tabletop, free-standing or wall-mounted.

9. Keep the Bathroom Door Closed
Bathrooms are dedicated to carrying waste water from the home. To keep it contained within this room, always keep the bathroom door closed. In addition, keep the toilet lid closed when not in use and especially when flushing to prevent family wealth and finances from being flushed from the house.

10. Create a Relaxing Bedroom
A good Feng Shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing energy. It should feel inviting, and excite and calm at the same time. Remove TVs, computers or exercise equipment as they bring in work, stress and distraction. Décor should be balanced to promote restorative sleep – use a solid headboard and two bedside tables, and avoid having the bed directly in line with the door. Your colour scheme should be reflective of skin tones, ranging from pale whites to rich browns