How To Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

How To Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

It’s not always easy to stay in love. You can’t just make a wish and instantly fall head over heels again. Just like with a healthy relationship that needs regular effort to keep the romance alive, your home may also need some updating so that you enjoy living in it again.

Display what you love

While there’s nothing wrong with having the perfect cookie-cutter home inspired by Pinterest, you don’t always need a decor magazine to make your space feel more like home — all you need is your own personal touch.

Sometimes the best way to really make your home feel like home is to fill it with all the personal things that matter to you. Putting up photos of your family, kids and pets is one the best ways you can really fall in love with your home again, because they are constant reminders of all the good times you’ve had together in this home and everything that’s great about where you live.

Individualise your home

One of the problems with following magazines is that your home may start to look the same as everyone else’s. We spend so much time decorating our homes, it makes sense to decorate it to reflect ourselves. Some people love symmetry, but personally, eclectic or abstract may be the theme you’re going for.

Also think about your hobbies and what type of person you are: are you an avid book reader or plant lover? Start off with the room you use most, and decorate it with your favourite book collections, plants or even tea sets. If you surround yourself with things that you’re passionate about, you will be filled with joy everywhere you look.

Say goodbye to clutter

Clutter creates a physical and psychological mess throughout your home. It is a constant reminder that you have chores to do and can leave you feeling irritated without you even realising.

When you get rid of the junk in your home, it offers more space to breathe and creates a refreshing environment that’s easier to concentrate in—one where the things that you truly love can shine through.

Lighten up

Great lighting can help set the mood and make a space feel warm, welcoming, and comfortable, whereas lacklustre lighting can make a home feel cold, gloomy, and unloved. If your home is feeling more like a doctor’s surgery room than a cosy place to cuddle up and watch a movie, we recommend replacing your cool-hued light bulbs with warmer-hued light bulbs.

Make your home smell like home

The perfect scent can be the key to sparking attraction. It’s universal. Everyone, from men to women, kids to adults, enjoy things that smell good. Your house is no different; scented candles, diffusers and fragrances will fill every room with pleasant aromas that awaken your senses, uplift your mood, and make you fall in love with your home. Besides the smell itself, you want to also consider factors such as the placement. Strong aquatic scents may be the perfect choice when taking a refreshing bath, but subtler scents may be more suitable for your bedroom as they help lull you to sleep.