How To Add Scandanavian Style To Your Home

How To Add Scandanavian Style To Your Home

The Nordic countries have a unique appeal that draws in people from all over the world. When we see pictures of Sweden, Iceland or Norway, we dream of having a vacation there. It is from these beautiful countries that the Scandinavian style was born.

Emphasising minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design has become extremely popular in recent years. Although simple, it utilises a variety of textures, lighting and colours to make a space feel ultra-cosy and homey.

Here are some tips to pull off the Scandinavian style look in your own home:

Paint your walls white

The dark days of December mean one thing in the Nordic countries…Winter’s here. During months where the sun only shines for a few hours, the Scandinavians often choose to paint their walls white to brighten up their spaces. White walls make the most of natural light, and is the key to Scandinavian interior design.

Incorporate a variety of light sources

While we’re on the topic of light, Scandinavians also choose a variety of lighting sources to provide adequate illumination and set the mood of a room. Designers recommend modern lighting with an industrial design instead of ceiling spotlights. Wall sconces and pendant lamps are among the favorites, while candles are nice for setting a romantic mood.

Opt for light wooden floors instead of carpet

For an authentic Scandinavian design, clear away wall-to-wall carpets and go for a light wooden floor. Light hardwood flooring is often favoured over room-darkening carpets in modern Scandinavian-style homes because they make a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Mix and match textiles to add warmth

While Scandinavian style embraces minimalism, a living room that only has simple furniture and muted gray tones could easily feel cold and uninviting. With the cold temperatures of the Scandinavian region, warm textiles are popular for winter decorating. You can mix and match your favorite textiles such as: a wool throw, pillows, area rugs, and sheepskin draped over sofas.

Take advantage of multi-purpose furniture

Scandinavian interior design follows the principle of less is more. This means that unnecessary clutter should be avoided. Scandinavian homes also tend to be smaller than those of other countries, so every inch counts! If something can do double duty – like a sofa that doubles as an extra bed – it’s the perfect fit for a Scandi home.