Five Tips to Help Pets Cope with Fireworks

Five Tips to Help Pets Cope with Fireworks

As we enter the party season, it is important to remember our pets when fireworks are expected.

Many pounds report an increase in runaway cats and dogs after celebrations involving fireworks. These explosions can be frightening and loud, and pets often injure themselves trying to escape the noise.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, we’ve put together some tips to help minimise your pet’s stress.

1. Wear them out
If you know fireworks are planned nearby, ensure your pets are exercised and well-fed beforehand. This will help tire them out and ease their anxiety.

2. Stay indoors
Ensure your pet is confined to your property. Keeping them inside is ideal to help muffle the noise. Close blinds and turn lights on so that flashing lights from outside are less obvious.

3. Use distractions
If your pets are prone to panic during fireworks, staying home with them will provide comfort and reassurance. Noise from televisions and radios may mask the noise while chew toys and treats will keep them occupied.

4. Got ID?
Since 2005 it has been a legal requirement to have your dog or cat micro-chipped. Ensure your contact details are up to date so that your pet can be returned to you if they happen to escape.

5. Get help early
If your pet has ongoing trouble with loud noises like fireworks or storms, speak to your vet for further assistance and to discuss all your options which may include medication.

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