First Impressions Last

First Impressions Last

A well-presented property can add substantially to the selling price. Most buyers want to buy into the highest price bracket they can afford, and that means not having to spend too much more before they can move in. Little things that can make a big difference include:

Approaching the house. Hose down surface dust and grime, replace rotting timber and wonky doorknobs, paint doors and window frames, and clean the windows.

Gardens. A serious makeover is worth considering but at the very least prune back untidy creepers, clear weeds, mow lawns, rake up leaves and tidy away tools and children’s toys.

Clean says cared for. A thorough rubbing and scrubbing from top to bottom is worth its weight in household cleaners.

Carpet. If it can be professionally cleaned clean it, if it can’t replace it.

Declutter. Less is best so start packing, room by room. It makes your house feel more spacious and lets visitors picture their own belongings fitting into the room.

Accessorise. Turn a cold or tired room into a warm and inviting space with throw rugs, cushions, candles and light and lively pictures.

Pools. A swimming pool is a superb attraction, but only if the water is crystal clear and free of leaves, the tiles are clean, pool equipment neatly stored and outdoor furniture displayed to best advantage.

Odours. Eliminate pet smells, cigarette smoke and spicy food aromas by opening windows, turning on fans, brewing coffee, adding flowers, candles or incense (subtle) because fresh is fantastic.

Climate control. Overheat the house on Open For Inspection and Auction Days as doors will be continually opened and closed.