Easy Maintenance Tips to Spruce Up Your Garden

Easy Maintenance Tips to Spruce Up Your Garden

Summer is a time where many of us take advantage of longer and warmer days to catch up with friends and family. To get your garden and outdoor entertaining area looking its best, we’ve put together some great tips that can be completed with minimal fuss.

Set a watering schedule
Plants need TLC, especially during the harsh Australian summer. Regularly watering is important, so set a schedule and stay on top of it. An irrigation system could be the perfect solution if you find manual watering (using a garden hose or watering can) too time consuming.

TIP: The best time to water your garden is morning, to reduce the risk of mildew and other fungi attacking your plants.

Help pot plants stay cool
Potted plants, especially those in terracotta pots, are vulnerable to overheating. Keep them cool with shade and extra watering.

Keep your lawn long
While regular mowing will keep lawns looking neat, avoid cutting grass when extreme temperatures or heavy rains are forecast. Raise the cutting height of your mower during summer, as the longer the grass, the better insulated the roots and soil will be.

TIP: If the upkeep is too taxing, consider artificial grass. Advances in technology mean that faux varieties look and feel more like the real deal than ever before.

Tidy up
Spend some time to pressure clean garden paths, decks, patios and outdoor furniture. Prune plants and shrubs, sweep away cobwebs and replace or fix anything that’s in need of repair.

Use outdoor lighting
Create a cosy ambience by adding outdoor lighting. Solar lights are the most low maintenance and cost-effective option – you don’t even need to remember when to switch them on and off. Even the simplest string of fairy lights will make a huge difference to how your outdoor area looks at night.