Downsizing Tips to make your next move go more smoothly

Downsizing Tips to make your next move go more smoothly

If you’ve decided to downsize, congratulations! Downsizing is an excellent choice for many reasons. Now that you’ve made the BIG decision, here are some tips to make the transition easy.

Getting rid of your junk – You (probably) won’t miss it.

The secret to maintaining an organised home is not to acquire less stuff, it’s to be ruthless about eliminating the stuff you don’t need. One way to identify superfluous stuff is to ask yourself:

“Is owning this genuinely adding value to my life? (i.e. does it make my life easier, does it save me time and energy, is it an important part of my identity?”

If the answer isn’t an emphatic “yes” – if you need to question it, chances are it’s a no.

If you get hung up on something and wonder if it’s worth keeping, the fact that you have to stop and wonder if it’s worth keeping is a sign that it’s not worth keeping.

Don’t save things “just in case”. Get rid of it or sell it.

Now obviously, easier said than done. A way to make this less painful is to ask friends/family if they want to take any of your old things. This will not only make the whole moving process easier, but will also help get rid of your old possessions— if sometime in the future you find out that you genuinely miss something, you can always ask them to return it.

Living in a location that suits you

The neighbourhood you choose plays a key part in your day-to-day life. Moving to the right place can double your happiness. Moving to the wrong place can halve it.

It’s best to take a good look around and think about what kind of area would suit your needs and lifestyle. Factors like transportation, proximity to work, entertainment and services all come into play. Adjusting to a new place is never easy – but by making sure that you’ve chosen somewhere that suits for you, you’ll feel at home much quicker.

Get to know your neighbours

If you’re downsizing to an apartment, it also helps to gather as much information as possible about your prospective new living situation— especially about your future neighbours.

Get an idea of your building’s tenants, especially those living above and below, as well as those on either side of you. Are they quiet and respectful or obnoxious and loud? Hearing the constant stomping of feet overhead, or the sounds of neighbours arguing all night can be enough to drive you out of your mind.

Neighbours matter. In the end, it’s all about living a happy life, surrounded by positive people.

Here we’ve covered how to make your transition to a smaller home smoother. Once it’s all done, you can finally focus on furnishing your home, decorating it and greeting your new neighbours! We wish you well on your move!