Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

The Victorian Government has announced a snap lockdown in an effort to contain the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

During this challenging time, rest assured we are doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our clients, whilst continuing to provide highly personable service and advice in all real estate matters.

We have been through this before but wanted to confirm what this means for you and answer some of the questions you may have.

To assist, we’ve put together some information for your reference.


Are PhilipWebb offices open?

Real estate services are a permitted industry; however, offices must close for the duration of the lockdown. Our offices may be closed but our business is still operating with all staff working remotely. Agents and property managers remain easily contactable via phone or email. Alternatively, you can contact us at:

Doncaster: (03) 9842 1477

Mitcham: (03) 9874 3355

Ringwood: (03) 8870 2888


Can I attend an open for inspection?

No. All property inspections must be remote/virtual.

Are removalists able to work during lockdown?

Yes. A removalist can be used to support vacating a property, but face masks and social distancing rules apply.


Can I still buy property?

Yes, if you are looking to buy we can help. Please click here to view all our available properties for sale. Simply contact the agent to request any additional information. We can also keep you updated via phone and/or email of new properties coming to market.

Can I still sell my property?

Yes, we are all set up to exchange contracts remotely online, so any offers or sales can be done with the click of a button.

Are PhilipWebb conducting auctions?

Due to Government restrictions, all our auctions are now online conducted via the Anywhere Auctions website and app. We are adjusting all advertising and contacting all prospective purchasers to register online and bid.

How do buyers view the Contract of Sale or Section 32?

We can easily email all paperwork to buyers directly and then discuss with them over the phone or via Zoom/Facetime.

Can properties still settle?

Yes, property settlements are still occurring. If your property is settling during the lockdown period, your agent will be in touch regarding key collection.

Can you appraise my property?

Yes, we can conduct a remote no-contact appraisal via FaceTime or Zoom with a detailed property report sent via email.


Can a renter provide notice to vacate during the lockdown?


Can exit inspections occur under these restrictions?

Yes. Exit inspections can occur if the property is vacant and the property manager or applicable administrator attends the property on their own. Property owners cannot attend with the property manager or applicable administrator.

Can you complete tasks such as condition reports, repairs or inspections?

Services related to commencement/end-of-lease can continue to operate. This includes condition reports and cleaning, only once the property is vacant.

Can you appraise my property?

Yes, however this can only be done remotely either via FaceTime or Zoom.

Is now a good time to lease my property?

Yes. We are still receiving enquiries from prospective renters looking to secure a rental property.


I have a routine inspection booked during the lockdown period; will this still go ahead?

Yes. We can conduct routine inspections remotely and will be in touch to organise a suitable date/time.

What happens if I have a maintenance request?

Only urgent and emergency maintenance can be carried out during the lockdown period. Our property managers are handling maintenance requests via the same systems, so if you have a maintenance request please email your property manager or complete a repair request online. Please be patient as we are currently experiencing delays as some tradespeople are not fully operational. During call-outs, our tradespeople are taking the strictest precautions and following all best practice Coronavirus protocols including social distancing, wearing face masks and gloves, and sanitising.

Can I provide notice to vacate under the current restrictions?


Can I commence a lease and move in during lockdown?

Yes. You are permitted to move home if you had already arranged to do so. You may also commence a new lease if it would be unsafe not to (eg: domestic violence or homelessness).

Please refer to for further information and resources. For the latest updates on current restriction levels, visit

*While care has been taken to ensure that the information contained here is true and correct at the time of the publication, changes in the circumstances may impact the accuracy of this information.