A Family of Families

A Family of Families
14-09-2016 |

At PhilipWebb we’re one big happy family, but some are more familiar than others. Take the Webb’s, for instance. Founder Philip shares his days with son and General Sales Manager Anthony, other son and Sales Consultant Michael, brother Brian in maintenance and archiving, and sister-in-law and Compliance Auditor Maureen.

Also in the Sales Department are James Huang and children Benson and Alice, David Blundell and his daughter Amy, and Treacey brothers Declan and Jack. Sisters Bonny and Kerrie Birrell work in Sales and Property Management respectively. Bianca Farley works in reception while mother Debra makes the sales. Denise Kurban is a Sales Administrator at Doncaster while daughter Semira greets Mitcham clients at the reception desk. Margriet Ranzenhofer is an Inspection Manager at Mitcham while her daughter Megan shares reception duties at each of our offices. And sisters Jacqueline Baird, Casual Reception, and Lizette Lewis, Office Supervisor at Mitcham, bring the total to a relatively impressive 10 families!

If you’d like to join the PhilipWebb Real Estate family, head over to the careers section of our website.