A-Z of Isolation Hobbies

A-Z of Isolation Hobbies

Whether you’re self-isolating or social distancing, here’s our A-Z guide of boredom-busting hobbies to help you pass the time.

A: Arts & Crafts
Regardless of whether you’re riding out isolation solo or with a couple of kids, arts and crafts are a great way to keep occupied. From macramé to wool pom poms, origami and painting, get in touch with your artistic side. You may even discover a hidden talent.

B: Baking
Baking is therapeutic and often nostalgic. Get on the banana bread bandwagon or dust off those classic Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks.

C: Colouring
You may have thought that colouring in is strictly an activity for kids, but studies have shown that colouring helps combat stress and anxiety in adults. You can purchase colouring books online, at your local bookstore or download free templates from a variety of websites.

D: De-clutter
Minimalism is on trend. With all this free time on your hands, consider Marie Kondo-ing your home. Start by cleaning out your wardrobe, desk and kitchen drawers and decide whether to keep, donate or bin any unwanted items.

E: Exercise
Apart from the obvious physical benefits, just 30 minutes of exercise a day can improve your mood and mental wellbeing.

F: Flipping items
If you’ve taken the time to de-clutter, you may be able to make some money by selling any unwanted but good condition items on Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

G: Games
The sudden shift from normal life to self-isolation has seen millions of people turn to traditional board games and gaming consoles for a bit of fun.

H: Home maintenance
Got a door that’s creaking? Light globes to be replaced? Lawns to be mowed? Get cracking on your home maintenance to-do list.

I: Interior design
Now is an ideal time to plan a renovation or simply consider styling up tired spaces with new furniture or décor.

J: Journaling
Writing can be a healthy way to deal with your emotions and stress. Once you start, you’ll begin to notice habits and patterns, set and achieve goals, and solve problems.

K: Knitting
The repetitive movement of knitting has a calming effect. You’ll also have a finished product to enjoy.

L: Language
Why not brush up on your language skills? Apps like Duolingo are great for beginners and it’s free!

M: Music
There are countless benefits to listening to or playing music. Learn how to play an instrument, livestream performances from your favourite artists, create Spotify playlists or simply listen to your favourite tunes.

N: Netflix
An obvious choice for most – binge on all the latest films and TV shows you can muster.

O: Online courses
Some tertiary institutions are offering heavily discounted online courses. This is the perfect opportunity to upskill or explore a subject you’re passionate about while in lockdown.

P: Plants
Get out in the garden or consider bringing in some indoor plants. Most are low maintenance, but if you’re a serial plant killer, perhaps the artificial variety is for you.

Q: Quilting
Much like knitting, quilting is a relaxing hobby and great for expressing creativity.

R: Reading
Learn something new, laugh, cry or escape to a world that’s different from your own.

S: Shopping
Some retailers are open but if you’d prefer to keep your distance, shop online.

T: Travel
For many Australians, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted travel plans. Now is the perfect time to put together your travel wish list and start saving. With international travel unlikely to resume until 2021, consider local or interstate destinations, which will also give the Australian economy a much-needed boost.

U: Upcycling
Before you put furniture or other items into hard rubbish, think about upcycling – enhancing what you have or repurposing it.

V: Virtual tours
Have you ever wanted to visit the British Museum or the Louvre? Many world-class tourist attractions are now offering virtual tours, so you can experience their exhibitions and collections from the comfort of your own couch.

W: Wine tasting
Wine Yarra Valley and Pyjama Wine are just some of the companies offering virtual wine tasting experiences. They’ll deliver wine to your door and provide access to videos from local winemakers talking about their products.

X: Xmas
Freshen up your stock of Christmas decorations by throwing out tired or old items. You may even consider creating some new ones of your own.

Y: Yoga
Yoga and mindfulness is an effective way to combat the stress and uncertainty of these unprecedented times. Practising Yoga is known to improve physical and mental balance as well as increasing strength and flexibility.

Z: Zoom
Maintaining our social connections has never been more important. Video chat apps like Zoom or FaceTime are helping friends, family and work colleagues stay in touch.