A word from Philip Webb

A word from Philip Webb

Top tips to get your house auction ready from Philip Webb agents

I recently had a chat with some of our agents about their tips on how to get your house ready for auction.

Here’s what they had to say:

Tips from Declan Treacey

When entering your property, buyers will immediately notice the odours – good or bad. Unpleasant odours caused by anything from pets to certain kinds of food may be an unwelcome distraction and give the wrong impression. Ensuring your property smells clean and fresh by opening windows and circulating air with fans can make all the difference. For an extra touch, you can add subtle pleasant odours with flowers, lightly scented candles, or by baking a cake.

Tips from Jack Treacey

The most common advice we give to vendors is to declutter their home. Less is more when it comes to presenting your property, as it allows buyers to project themselves and their belongings into the space. Removing clutter will make the property feel more spacious and ensure that buyers are not distracted by your things in their potential new home. The easiest way to begin the decluttering process, and to do yourself a favour come moving day, is to start packing.

Tips from Michael Webb

There’s three things that you can’t change about a property: light, location and size. However, there are things you can do to portray the light and size in the best possible way. Paint the walls a lighter, neutral colour, turn the lights on for photos and open for inspections, and leave the blinds open and take the shears off are all ways to improve the light and perception of the size. I’d also recommend tidying the garden by spreading some mulch around, as well as painting the fences monument grey to freshen up the look.

If you are looking for further advice on getting your house auction-ready, reach out to us for a copy of our handy brochure ‘Tips for presenting your property for sale’ to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.