A Word from Philip Webb

A Word from Philip Webb

Thousands of Victorian renters and residential rental providers suffered significant delays to tribunal hearings last year, an impact of the pandemic and repeated lockdowns. Such disputes can vary from bond, pet, or compensation-related issues and can be an incredibly challenging process for all parties, with delays exacerbating these challenges and frustrations.

Twelve months on, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) continues to try get on top of these delays however has been unsuccessful in minimising the hold ups. To deal with the backlog of cases sitting with VCAT, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) has temporarily closed its general services to assist with resolving issues for renters and rental providers.

So, what does this mean for those waiting to resolve their disputes?

Effectively, the role of the DSCV is to mediate between the two parties. If the dispute is mediated via this step, a VCAT hearing is avoided. It should be noted that not all disputes will be suitable for mediation. VCAT hearings, although delayed, are still available.

Philip Webb Real Estate’s property management team is working closely with renters and residential rental providers during this time, offering advice and guidance where we can. If you need advice on your situation or have questions regarding the process, give our office a call today.