A word from Philip Webb

A word from Philip Webb

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of an in-person auction; crowds gathering to watch the spectacle, the auctioneer making the final three calls, and of course, the hammer falling. In welcomed news, Melbourne’s second favourite weekend pastime, after the AFL, is set to return to the streets of Melbourne this Friday.

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the city’s sixth lockdown is coming to an end, which means in-person auctions will once again be allowed.

From 11.59pm October 21, on-site public auctions of up to 50 fully vaccinated people in Melbourne are permitted. Masks must be worn, and a COVID-19 marshal will be appointed at each auction to ensure people check-in.

Indoor auctions are still off the cards, and no changes have been made to inspections. Further easing of restrictions for the real estate industry is expected when 80 per cent of Victorians have received their second vaccine.

It will be terrific to see on-street auctions return, giving confidence to sellers who find the digital auction process nerve-wracking. Buyers and sellers can expect a mix of online and in-person auctions as the market finds its own COVID-normal. There are still a wide range of benefits to online auctions, and hybrid options may become more popular.

Auctions are also moving away from the traditional Saturday schedule to be scattered throughout the week. This allows more time for inspections on weekends.

Private one-on-one inspections have reinvigorated the market but are an extremely inefficient way to operate. Currently, private in-person inspections are available via appointment only, they are limited to one household at a time and the home’s occupants mustn’t be present. We look forward to restrictions easing further to allow more house hunters find their dream home.

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