A word from Philip Webb

A word from Philip Webb

Philip Webb Real Estate recently scored 99.58% for outstanding customer relations and service at the 2021 Australian Achiever Awards. This highly commendable accolade is a testament to the talented sales agents, property managers, and administrators who are the fabric of our company. It has always been a core belief at Philip Webb that people are our greatest asset.

Robert Groeneveld is one of the company’s most approachable, likeable, and humble staff members. We had the opportunity to pull Rob from his busy day as partner, agent, and auctioneer to discuss his journey with Philip Webb Real Estate so far.

How did your journey in real estate begin, and how did you land your job at Philip Webb?

When I was 16, I walked past a terrific auction taking place on Canopus Drive, Doncaster East. I was totally mesmerised by the gentleman running the auction – I knew then I had to pursue a career in real estate. After advising me to take the dye out of my hair and remove my earring, the gentleman offered me the opportunity to gain some work experience at Philip Webb. Once I completed school, I start working at the company as a property manager. Since then, I have worked as a sales PA and a sales manager. After a 16-year journey, I made partner last year.

How would you describe working at Philip Webb?

The company culture at Philip Webb is all about being a team and helping one another. We have those just starting out in the industry learning off more experienced members, and vice versa. The difficulties of COVID-19 have surprisingly brought us a lot closer. In a time when stresses are high and morale is low, having the support of a collaborative team has been extremely important.

What are some of the ways you have kept in contact with your team during the pandemic?

We find using a group chat to stay connected is an easy way to share information quickly or to celebrate our team’s successes – especially the small ones. We also share any helpful or useful tips to really bolster everyone’s learning and self-confidence.

What has kept you at the company for so long?

We are very fortunate to have the amazing leadership of Philip and Anthony Webb. Anthony, as the CEO and director, is probably the main reason for my lengthy career with the agency. Always putting himself last, he is level-headed and only does what’s best for the company and the team. Culture starts at the top and Anthony has been instrumental in implementing the culture we experience today.

What would be your advice for someone starting out in real estate?

My advice has always been to get game ready and to entrench yourself in the industry. The best advice I ever received was the best training you’ll ever get will cost you a coffee. So, I took several agents who I really admired out for coffee and took copious notes. Success leaves clues, I would read up on what those agents were doing well and implemented that into my work. The same advice still applies today.