A word from Anthony Webb

A word from Anthony Webb

Winter is just around the corner and despite the cold weather looming, Melbourne’s property market shows no sign of cooling.

I had a chat with Philip Webb’s Senior Sales Agent, Joseph Corsi on the winter sales market and his top tips for buyers and sellers during the cooler months. Here’s what Joseph had to say:

Is there a ‘best’ time of year to sell property?

I think there are opportunities to sell your home in all seasons. If you have a particularly nice garden that is an asset to your property, spring would be an ideal time when the garden is in full bloom. If you believe your outdoor entertaining area and pool is a large selling point, summer would be a great time to sell when potential buyers can imagine themselves using the space.

What are the benefits to selling your home in winter?

Winter can offer sellers a less competitive market and shouldn’t be overlooked as a suitable time to sell your home. There will always be buyers looking to purchase property in winter and significantly less stock.

What should people be doing now to ensure their home is ready for sale by winter?

Presentation is always key. Ideally, you want to be maximizing space and natural light, so a spring clean and declutter is typically people’s first step when preparing for sale. To save yourself any added stress, this should be done well before the auction campaign begins. If you have an open fireplace, ensure it is clean and ready to go. If you are choosing to sell in winter, lighting the fire during open inspections adds to the cosiness and warmth of your home. We lose some of the natural light in winter, so ensuring all lights are in working order sounds simple, but very important and can often be overlooked.

Can the cold, wet weather in winter impact auction attendance?

If someone is interest in buying a property, they will be there, rain hail or shine. If a property is priced right and can tick all the boxes, I can assure you serious buyers won’t be fazed by the weather. Conducting auctions undercover is always a possibility, but what is most critical is having on online auction as well as an on-site auction. Particularly in the current climate, the possibility of a buyer, seller or agent coming down with COVID is quite high – organising an online auction can mitigate the risk of an auction being postponed.

What is your advice for buyers looking to secure a home this winter?

Always keep an eye on the market. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming the right property will be going to market in spring. The right property for you could hit the market in winter, spring, summer or autumn, so you need to be ready regardless of the season.