A word from Anthony Webb

A word from Anthony Webb

It was a big sigh of relief for Victorians this week, as the state government announced the lifting of working from home orders and the requirement to wear masks indoors – some of the last remaining COVID-19 restrictions for Victoria.

The announcement was a long time coming for business owners and employees who have spent the last two years adapting to working from home. We can only expect the transition back into the office will take some time and require flexibility from workplaces.

Philip Webb Real Estate is excited to have our team members return to the office, working collaboratively and bouncing ideas off each other once again. Real estate has always attracted sociable people who thrive as a collective, which at times has made remote working challenging for some.

It was great to see team members rush back to the office on Monday, and we look forward to seeing more familiar faces return over the coming weeks.

We will continue to offer our staff flexibility with working options, but will also ensure our residential rental providers and vendors are provided with top service and that we capitalise on the hybrid model many workers have adapted to.

In recent months, our early afternoon mid-week showings have been well attended and we will monitor their performance to seek the best open for inspection times for each property.

If you are ever near our Doncaster East, Mitcham or Ringwood offices, come in and say hello!