A word from Anthony Webb

A word from Anthony Webb

Open communication between residential rental providers and renters has always been of paramount importance. But during these challenging times where we are navigating Covid, it has never been more important.

We know times are tough, so here are some simple tips to follow for both renters and residential rental providers during these uncertain periods. Lockdown can cause emotions to run high, so some understanding and patience will ensure the expectations and needs from both parties are met.

For renters, if you are unable to meet your rental payments the first step is to let your property manager know as soon as possible. A simple phone call may allow you to come to a mutual agreement and save you paying dishonour fees if we try to direct debit your rent and it is not available.

For those on the hunt for a new rental property during lockdown, ensure the property you’re interested in has a virtual inspection option. This is your best bet at ensuring the property meets your needs. There are some handy guides online for what you should be keeping an eye out for.

On the flip side, rental providers should be offering this virtual service and have professional photographs for their listing. The current rental market is very competitive and without in-person inspections, the images used to advertise your property is your greatest asset to securing a quality renter. At Philip Webb, we offer 360-degree cameras to make your property as appealing as possible.

And although it is far from preferable, securing a renter may come down to lowering rents. Instead of an empty investment property sitting around for months, a $20 discount each week might be the best financial decision in the long run.

For more tips on managing an investment property during this time, or if you are a renter seeking advice, a member of the Philip Webb team is ready to take your call.