A Simple Guide to Spring Cleaning

A Simple Guide to Spring Cleaning

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a bit of spring cleaning after a long winter inside. So, whether you have a whole weekend or a just a spare moment, we’ve got you covered with some simple tips to freshen up your home.

Give you kitchen some TLC. Use a bi-carb or vinegar solution to clear away grime from your cooktop and oven. Wipe out your microwave and tend to your fridge, this means pulling out and handwashing all the interior shelves and drawers.

Look up. Your ceiling fans and light fittings will have collected a considerable amount of dust over the course of winter. Use an extendable duster to get to those hard to reach places. While you’re there, give your curtains and blinds a good wipe down or vacuum.

Make way in your wardrobe. Go through your winter clothes and shoes. Clean and/or repair anything before putting into storage until next year and donate any unwanted (but good condition) items to charity.

Go outside. A good window cleaner will bring back the sparkle inside and out. Mow lawns and hose/brush down outdoor furniture and door mats.