Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Warranwood with Yeow Lim

Sunday Suburb Spotlight on Warranwood with Yeow Lim

In this week’s Sunday Suburb Spotlight, we catch up with Senior Sales Consultant Yeow Lim to talk all things Warranwood.

What makes Warranwood a great place to raise a family?
The good thing is that a very high percentage of the properties in Warranwood are houses, not units. You’ll find big family homes usually with four bedrooms or more. It’s a good place to raise a family in the sense that it’s not a high turnover suburb, the number of transactions is very low. In fact, last month there was only one property that sold in the area. It’s very tightly-held and those that live there stay for a long time. You really get to know your neighbours. The majority of homes are also owner-occupied with a very small percentage of renters.

Why do you think this is the best suburb to live in?
Warranwood is very peaceful but it’s close to everything. You’re only 25 minutes (approx.) from Melbourne’s CBD and major shopping centres like Eastland are easily accessible. There are quite a few good schools around as well including Yarra Valley Grammar and Luther College. If you like outdoor activities, Quambee Reserve and Warrandyte State Park are great for bike riding or walking.

Has there been any development in the area?
There’s been little to no development in Warranwood. There’s about 1500 dwellings in the suburb and out of that only about 0.2 per cent are units. The redevelopment of Eastland (which is just a few kilometres away) has certainly boosted the appeal of Ringwood and surrounding suburbs including Warranwood.

What is Warranwood’s main attraction?
In addition to the above, the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School is a big drawcard.

List four words that best describe this suburb.
Safe, peaceful, spacious and affordable.

Is there good public transport?
Warranwood has a great bus network with stops along all the main roads. Services run through Park Orchards and Wonga Park through to central Ringwood.

Where are the best places to eat out?
McAdam Square in Croydon North, Eastland or North Ringwood Shopping Centre which has some nice cafes and restaurants.