10 Quick DIY Home Style Updates

10 Quick DIY Home Style Updates

Creating a fresh new home look is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you’re planning on selling. But rather than tackling a full-blown renovation, which requires both time and money, here are a few key items you can update easily and for a fraction of the cost.

A simple swap of tapware in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries can work wonders. Stainless-steel is always in vogue but if you’re feeling adventurous, go bold with matte black or brushed nickel varieties.

Changing the whole look of your kitchen or bathroom is as easy as replacing your cupboard handles. To make things easier, choose a handle that matches the size of what’s already there to avoid having to drill new holes.

Rather than adding expensive new kitchen cabinetry, sanding and repainting your cabinets can make a world of difference.

Replace dated fittings with something more contemporary but ensure you consult a qualified electrician to install safely.

Cushion covers
New cushion covers will instantly refresh your living area. You might consider making your own, as even the most novice of sewers can create something truly special.

A fresh coat of paint is a simple solution to revamp stained, dull or peeling walls. Not only will your home look younger, it’s a great way to add value if you’re selling.

Decorating with plants will bring colour and texture into your home. For something cost-effective and fuss-free, try faux varieties paired with a vibrant planter. Alternatively, investing in the real deal has countless benefits, which you can read here.

Updating your home décor doesn’t have to be expensive. Candles, throw rugs, coffee table books and framed wall prints will add character, class and a bit of comfort.

They say less is more! Utilise storage areas to declutter. Get creative and install floating shelves or under-bed drawers.

Front door
The front of your house is the first and last thing people see, so make sure it’s welcoming. Spruce up your existing front door with a bright, contrasting colour or invest in something new.